Welcome to 296 Morris Road

A Better Alternative


Lease office and warehouse space in our suburban secure location within the Pine Bush preserves for a unique blend of tranquility and practicality. Enjoy a peaceful work environment surrounded by nature, coupled with the convenience of secure warehouse facilities. Our integrated spaces provide the ideal setting for businesses seeking both professional office settings and secure storage solutions in a suburban oasis.

As a family-owned business, we take pride in fostering a warm and personable atmosphere. Ramon & Terry Copeland are always ready to assist, creating a welcoming environment where customers feel valued and comfortable.

The 296 Morris Road Facility has been a secure suburban office space, welcoming businesses for over four decades, situated near the Pine Bush Preserves.

Providing tranquil office spaces for businesses in search of industrial zoning, offering a rural ambiance where you can appreciate the quietude and beauty of the surrounding pines! Here at 296 Morris Road, we offer hands-on support to both new and existing businesses.

Being an integral part of the Town of Colonie brings us immense joy, and we’re confident you’ll feel the same. When you’re prepared to establish a new home for your business, the 296 Morris Road Facility awaits, ready to provide the same professional and personalized expertise that has defined us for many decades.

In today’s world, workspaces that evoke serenity are a rarity, and our property offers precisely that. Located just 2 miles from I-890, Central Avenue, Rt. 155, & Rt. 20. 

It’s incredibly accessible. Located in Colonie, NY, Albany County. The workspace prioritizes security and functionality.